Interstellar Lander

Do you remember Lunar Lander from old times? Did you ever dream to explore alien planets? Visit other exoplanets!
In Interstellar Lander your task is to land on hundreds of exoplanets.
Experience real-world physics and gravitational forces. Intuitive and simple interface.
Earn points and upgrade your Astro Lander.
Each planet represents a real one discovered by Kepler, KOROT, WASP and other Earth based and space telescopes. Gravity of each planet is calculated from real data coming from NASA Exoplanet Archives.

Football Kicker – Panthers Wroclaw Edition

Become a real PLFA Kicker! Live out in the player of Wroclaw Panthers and reach for the cup!
Kick field goals with perfect accuracy across two game modes: beginner and expert
Choose your favourite team and kick off the ultimate kicker challenge!
From the makers of the greatest pet games Dragon Pet and Unicorn Pet
Football is back on your smartphone! Try this free-to-play football simulation.
Dominate your friends in intense shootouts and achieve greatest score.


Real Dragon Pet

Play and have fun with your own Dragon in the real world thanks to Augmented Reality!
Newest game from makers of great hit Dragon Pet

Have you ever wondered how it is to see Dragons in real life, standing next to you? Now you have this chance!


Dragon Pet

On the snowy peaks of an ancient, magic mountain, you have found a magic dragon egg. All you have to do is to keep it at proper temperature, an it might hatch into a magic baby pet with whom you can spend wonderful adventures by playing, training him and taking care of your pet. Raise a Dragon and become creator of your own saga. Care for him, and he will become your best, magic friend, or simply ignore him, and he will eventually run away, get sick or even die.


Unicorn Pet

Unicorn Pet – a new, magic, 3d tamagotchi style pet game is here! From creators of best mobile pet game Dragon Pet. Pick your pony and create your secret magical saga in rainbow unicorns world. In the magical world of the Unicorns, life was peaceful and pleasant. That was until the angry Pony Warlock imprisoned nearly all of the unicorns in his ghastly castle and took away their magic power. Fortunately, there’s still the good wizard, who, from time to time, manages to free one of those magic ponies and return their powers